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Renée Chalou-Ennis and her husband Jason are raising their family in Presque Isle where she owns a fitness center, LiveWell United. Amidst battling the breeding laundry pile, part-time homeschooling her children and negotiating the hormonally-fueled spectacles that accompany raising teenagers, she enjoys motivating people to reach their fitness goals. She’s learned not to take herself too seriously and tries to inject as much humor into life, work, play and parenting as possible, much to the teenagers’ chagrin. She’s fairly certain they’ll grow to like her someday. From life in rural Maine, the challenge of transforming herself from sedentary sideline mother into competitive athlete mother, to blending a family, Renée writes about a life worth living well, even when it's so funny you want to cry.

“Why would you want to live in Aroostook County?”

They ask me, their faces creased in varied expressions of doubt and disapproval. “There’s nothing to do up there.”  They continue on, as though telling me will make me believe it. “The County’s dead and I’m glad I left.”  They say often with a sense of slight satisfaction and disdain. “It’s too cold up there […]