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“Why would you want to live in Aroostook County?”

They ask me, their faces creased in varied expressions of doubt and disapproval. “There’s nothing to do up there.”  They continue on, as though telling me will make me believe it. “The County’s dead and I’m glad I left.”  They say often with a sense of slight satisfaction and disdain. “It’s too cold up there […]

We’re all guilty.

For some of us the struggles of parenting may include juggling sport schedules, helping our young adults navigate blossoming relationships or budgeting for new clothing as our teenager seemingly gains three inches of height every month, and for others of us the struggles consist of potty training grumpy toddlers, teaching our young ones healthy eating […]


It’s roughly the amount of cash you’ll earn for returning a medium sized bag of cans and bottles.  It’s not an overly heavy bag, nor is it a substantial amount of money.  It’s just a bag sitting in the corner of my garage, nothing on my priority To-Do List, simply another chore I’ll get around […]